What is fuel excise tax? This is the cost that is included in the price of petrol throughout New Zealand. This tax helps fund our existing and growing road infrastructure.

Does my accountant claim this for me? Most accountants do not do this. This is out of their specialty. The time it takes them to go through the process of claiming works out to not be very cost effective for themselves and their clients. 

Can I claim on petrol used in my boat? Only if this is MSA registered for commercial use.

How much am I paying on excise fuel tax? Currently, the cost for this is 73c + GST for every litre of petrol you purchase.

Can I claim on Diesel? No you cannot.

What are our fees? 

Registration via site visit: $149 incl. GST

Registration over phone or video call: Free

Commission: 15% + GST

If your refund is less than 150L for a quarter, a $29.00 (+GST) minimum fee may apply

Will I be signed into a contract? No you are free to leave whenever you like.

How much is the donation to Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue? The default amount is 3.5%, but customer can contribute more if they wish, or if they are already making donations through another channel they are free to opt out.


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